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Inside Environmental Stewardship: Making Your Clubhouse Part of the Green Team

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Water conservation. Wildlife habitat protection. Energy conservation. Waste minimization. Recycling. Green purchasing. Phrases like this were once the exception—now they’re the rule in business. “What are you doing to protect the environment?,” is an all-too-common question organizations are being asked, including clubs. The ones doing the asking are no longer just environmentalists or government agencies. It’s your staff, your club members, the wives and kids of your members and people in your community. Now more than ever, the answer to that question matters to so many more people in contact with the club. more...

CMAA Joins Waters Advocacy Coalition to Support Efforts to Overturn EPA’s Proposed WOTUS Rule

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icon blog blue - 100wThis month, the Club Managers Association of America, Golf Course Superintendents Association of America, PGA of America, American Society of Golf Course Architects, Golf Course Builders Association of America, National Club Association and National Golf Course Owners Association joined the Waters Advocacy Coalition (WAC), a coalition of more than 35 associations focused on educating federal and state policymakers about the broad array of issues associated with expanding federal Clean Water Act (CWA) jurisdiction.  more...

Automatic Gratuities: Tips or Service Charges?

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08_26_14_175wA recent Internal Revenue Service (IRS) revenue ruling should force clubs and other food and beverage service establishments to evaluate gratuity policies. Revenue Ruling 2012-18 issued on June 20, 2012 is an attempt to clarify and update existing guidelines and the distinction between tips and service charges.  more...

Luck Ain’t Gonna Be Enough

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08_21_14_Dartboard 175How often have you heard a friend gush at someone else’s extraordinary luck?

“Wow! He must be really lucky to get that job!”

Admittedly, the competition for high-paying, prestigious jobs is fierce, there could be more than 100 applicants fighting for one vacancy. From an outside perspective, it may seem that whoever receives the job offer must be extremely lucky.

Yes, some applicants might be lucky enough to have someone vouching for them; a friend or a family member already working for the organization. Or maybe, they happened to be in the right place at the right time.  more...

Board Orientation: Start With Education That Will Strengthen the Club

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08_19_14_BoardRoom - 175As a career choice, club management presents a unique set of challenges. One of the most unusual aspects is that club general managers (GMs) get a new boss every year or two due to board turnover. Over two or three decades in the business, even if he or she stays at one club, a professional club manager will work for dozens of club presidents and hundreds of board members. Many of those bosses will be strong leaders, some will be neutral influences, and then there are the others, like a president or board member who leaves you wondering whether you will lose your job or quit before the year is out. more...

Training Temporary Workers Is Necessary

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icon blog blue - 100wEarlier this year, the Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) announced its Temporary Worker Initiative. With this initiative, OSHA seeks to educate employers and employees that temporary workers are entitled to the same protections under the Occupational Safety and Health (OSH) Act as all other covered permanent workers.  more...

Who is Winning the Negative On-Line Review Battle?

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08_14_14 Online Review 175 Recently, some businesses have battled negative reviews aggressively by using contracts. One web retailer, KlearGear.com, slapped a $3,500 fee on a customer for violating an anti-disparagement provision in its terms of use on its web-site and reported the customer as delinquent to credit agencies, harming their credit. In another situation, a New York dentist required her patients to sign an agreement waiving any right to comment publicly about her services and to assign to her the copyright in any after-the-fact reviews. more...

What Makes Today's Gated Communities Tick? The Full-Service Club

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08_12_14 Clubhouse_175wThe success of a gated community is dependent on the success of its club. Many of these communities are struggling today because their club offering is not targeting the next generation of residents. In the past, gated communities targeted the first or second home markets for the affluent by placing most of their emphasis on golf. That worked well up until about 2000 when the golf craze began to ebb. Now these same communities are turning over their houses to the boomer generation. And you know what? Golf alone won’t cut it anymore.   more...

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