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Employers Hit With Background Check Lawsuits

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Employees and job applicants are filing class action lawsuits against employers alleging that they are using invalid forms to obtain consent for background checks as part of their hiring process. The lawsuits allege violations of the Fair Credit Reporting Act, 15 U.S.C. § 1681, et seq. (FCRA), which provides for statutory damages of up to $1,000 for each instance when an employer obtains a consumer report without proper disclosure and authorization. more...

CMAA University to Offer Foodservice Training Portal’s Online Beverage and Food Safety Training Courses

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07_18_14_175wIntegration Allows for Member Clubs to Access Third-Party Courseware Directly From Their CMAA University Account
In March 2014, CMAA University began offering Vino 101’s An Introduction to Wine and Beer & Spirits, as well as Safe Food Solutions’ Basic Food Safety eStart™ as part of its online foodservice and hospitality training catalog. While previously available to CMAA members as recommended third-party courseware, these courses are now available directly through the CMAA’s online portal, making it possible for member clubs to consolidate training for all of their employees on a variety of topics. more...

How to Create Positive Outcomes in Business

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07_17_14_175wExperience has taught me that when you are in the presence of a brilliant thinker, always have a pen and something to write on. As you begin to ask questions, you’ll find that a river of wisdom, insight and real-time examples freely flows from someone with valuable insight into the world. This was the case with J. Lennox Scott, Chairman and CEO of John L. Scott Real Estate, a third-generation real estate firm with 130 offices and 2,500 agents, based in Seattle, Washington. more...

House Panel Restricts Funds for EPA’s New Waters of the US Rule Enforcement

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The Interior, Environment and Related Agencies Subcommittee of the House of Representative’s Appropriations Committee has passed its $30.2 billion 2015 spending bill for the Department of Interior and the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA).  more... 

Will Your Club Be Compliant When the Revenuers Come? Part One

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07_15_14_175wRecent Internal Revenue Services (IRS) activity indicates an interest in employment tax returns and compliance with related federal laws and regulations. Should your club receive a notice that its employment tax returns are being examined, it may have been selected at random for a “compliance research examination.” more...

Tennis Vital Component to Member Retention

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07_10_14_175wOn June 8, I had the opportunity to attend the 2014 Distinguished Ideas Summit at the Boca West Country Club in Boca Raton, Florida, presented by The BoardRoom magazine. This event provided valuable insight into club industry trends and the challenges many clubs and facilities will face in the future, along with so many great ideas on how to enhance the member experience. more...

Four Factors for Ensuring Your Club’s Future Relevance

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07_08_14_175wThe 21st century is changing the way we think about familiar concepts and terminology. For example, the term "hacker" had a predominately negative connotation until the early and mid 2000's. Now there are widely publicized hacker conferences and competitions. When I was choosing the name for my own newsletter, "Hacking Your Future," I discovered a clear generational divide between those who associated the name with accessing valuable information for their future and those who associated "hacking" with invasion of privacy and criminal activity. more...

City Clubs Aren’t What They Used to Be Hint…They’re Better!

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07_013_14_175wThe story’s a well-told one by now — the evolution of city clubs from “old gentlemen’s clubs” to urban oases. The drivers are equally familiar: changing demographics, differences in the way business is conducted, the resurgence of cities, the popularity of the boutique hotel industry and increasingly more interesting dining options. more...

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