The Governance section provides your club and board of directors with essential resources to make your Board of Directors more effective and enable you to establish guidelines for evaluating your current system of governance. This section also houses valuable resources addressing strategic planning and legal issues specific to clubs.

Club Governance Resources 

Club Governance 87 x 113Utilize this series of club-specific resources to make your Board of Directors more effective while establishing guidelines for evaluating your current system of governance. Director’s Guide for Understanding Club Governance details how governing bodies should function and identifies a series of tested best practices that have proven successful within the club industry. The Governance Checklist provides boards with a method of comparing their existing practices to the best practices identified in the Director’s Guide and then determining if change is in order. The Checklist and Director’s Guide should be used in tandem. Board Resource Manual is designed to serve as a prototype and should be customized with your own club specific information. The purpose of the Board Resource Manual is to provide you with a step-by-step process for completing a comprehensive orientation for new directors.

Committee Orientation Packet

The Sample Board / Committee Orientation Packet is a product of the Premier Club Services package that offers a variety of sample forms for the creation of a committee orientation packet. Sample forms can be altered to fit the needs of individual clubs.  Topics include: welcome letter, sample bylaws, officer roles and responsibilities, committee roles and responsibilities, sample agenda, taking minutes, sample officer descriptions and more.

Leading the Strategic Planning Process 

This resource is a club-specific, user-friendly, how-to manual to guide your club through the strategic planning process. Leading the Strategic Planning Process will help your club thrive by addressing issues related to membership, revenue, competition, location and facility renovation. It is a guide for developing a master plan that clearly defines your long-term goals and objectives.

Your Club and the Law 

Club and the LawThe variety and complexity of legal issues facing the private club industry are much greater than those of only a few years ago.  Although it is unrealistic to believe that a club manager can single-handedly resolve all of the legal issues he or she may confront, the manager must at least be aware of the legal issues that may arise. Your Club and the Law helps inform the club manager of these important legal issues.



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