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Accounting For Club Operations

This resource explains how accounting concepts apply to specific club operations.

Board Member Orientation

Helps your club clarify its club's mission, identify the leadership's vision, the board's role in policymaking, and the general governance of the club.

Contemporary Club Management, 3rd Edition - Hard Copy

Comprehensive club management textbook. Recommended for certification preperation.

Managing Hospitality Human Resources, 5th Ed.

Examines employment laws, planning, staffing, human resources, compensation and labor issues, safety and ethical responsibility.

Planning and Control for Food and Beverage Operations, 8th Ed.

This resource emphasizes practical activities that managers in all sizes of food services operations can use to plan and control their operations.

Uniform System of Financial Reporting for Clubs (Seventh Edition) - Digital Download

Provides a consistent method of financial and operational organization for clubs.

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