CMAA Code of Conduct

CMAA has a well-written Code of Ethics intended to guide club managers in their decision making processes. It is a lengthy document addressing many key principles and should serve as a reference for you throughout your career. To augment the existing Code of Ethics and provide a concise reference during ethical dilemmas, CMAA wrote a "Test of Compliance."

The "Test of Compliance" poses three questions that one can reflect upon to determine an ethical course of action during a conflict. It promotes an ethical code of conduct that can be easily conveyed to boards, staff and members. Ideally, members will carry this "Test of Compliance" on a business card or post it in their offices to remind them of their responsibilities to other managers, the Association, membership and the larger business community.

The CMAA Code of Conduct
Test of Compliance

Could I announce this decision to the membership at the club's Annual Meeting?

Could I announce this decision to other club managers at the World Conference?

Would this decision meet with the approval of business professionals?

 (The CMAA Board of Directors adopted this as a guide for your professional lifestyle.)