Pandemic Viruses

There is much talk these days about the swine flu and its potential affect on the world’s economy. Is this “what if” really something that the club industry needs to be concerned about? Should we sound an alarm of a possibility of a worldwide biological pandemic when its effects are currently theoretical?

A flu virus that is capable of causing a pandemic is a virus that people have no natural immunity to and can spread easily from person to person. A pandemic could limit travel, disrupt critical supply lines, hit employee attendance, and decrease member use. Imagine as a leader being unprepared for an event even though you may have known it was a possibility. The consequences could be unthinkable.

As club industry leaders and members of our crisis management teams, we have a responsibility to anticipate and think forward. We can not wait until an outbreak strikes to take action. We need now to begin taking simple, practical steps to minimize the impact of a potential pandemic on our industry.

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