Interim Management List Profile

Lewis Rosenbloom
3949 River Rd.
Toledo, OH 43614-0409

Phone: 513-314-5455
Fax: 419-389-4577

Availability: Any
Preferred Club Types: Country, Golf
Preferred States: FL, GA, IN, KY, MI, MO, NC, OH, PA, VA, WV

Career Highlights:
My progressive career, providing prestigious and active Clubs a strategic focus on the future has spanned over the last 16 years. My 8+ years as COO/GM at Heritage Club just north of Cincinnati, Ohio has given me experience and the understanding, allowing me to build and retain a highly regarded reputation and prestige of a private club looks for.

I have a proven track record over my career for leading executive teams through “Servant Leadership” principles, and creating a team environment focusing all team members on the common goal of service excellence. Financial budgeting and budget management, membership marketing and retention, along with member relationships/satisfaction building and employee gratification are among my many talents that will bring a robust thoughtful presence to any Club. As an avid golfer, I love the game and relish my relationships with the PGA and USGA.

My approach to uniting an executive team is designed around providing a functional group of professionals with the tools, education, training and trust to get their respective and common Club goals achieved. My methodology is founded on the principles of creating trust, eliminating the fear of conflict as to allow for a truthful, open discussion among team members. These skills will forge collaboration to all teams, as well as Boards

My ability to build, manage and exceed budget is proven throughout my eleven years as COO/GM. Over those years, the two Clubs I led, met or exceeded budget every year. Nine of which showed an operational profit. My ability to keep my eye on the right “ball” establishes focus on the business we are in, the membership business. By providing the membership and guests, a world class experience every time they step on property and a focus on service, programming, and golf and family activities will provide Clubs the necessary financial strength for years to come. In my tenures, through yearly member surveys, there was an overall increase in member satisfaction and member perceived value of Club membership.

As a top priority of mine throughout my career, the establishing of enhanced employee environments was culminated in 2014. Heritage Club was voted as one of the “Top 100 Places to Work in Greater Cincinnati”. This award is voted on by employees of companies and is one of my most coveted awards as a leader. I would work tirelessly to bring similar accolades to Clubs through my empowering and encouraging demeanor for all.

My passion for the profession, the private Club industry, its millions of employees and memberships, is endless. I have always been driven to position Clubs to what I call, “a century Club” (Clubs that can stand the test of time.) Through the study of the many successful long running private Clubs around the country, my goal is now, to lead Clubs into the future and prepare them for a long successful life.

My continuing education and involvement in CMAA has helped me to improve myself, the people around me and the Clubs in which I serve. I have dedicated myself and my teams to continuing education and self-improvement, while the mission of the Club is preserved and moving towards the future. As General Manager/Chief Operating Officer, I bring that passion and dedication to the Club and its membership.


Lewis Rosenbloom

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