MCM Testimonial - James Brewer

Spotlight on James Brewer, MCM

General Manager, Retired
Los Angeles Country Club

James Brewer PixJames (Jim) Brewer began his career in the private club industry in 1960 working first for the military as a civilian manager followed by approximately two years at the Beach Club and then the General Manager at the Los Angeles Country Club for 35 years. The club’s membership is comprised of Los Angeles community business leaders, and it is considered one of the world’s premier private clubs. The club features thirty six holes of golf, tennis, and a 70,000 square foot clubhouse that includes eleven suites for permanent residents and overnight guests.

Jim was very active in the Club Managers Association of America (CMAA). He served two terms as chapter president and was on the National Board of Directors from 1981 – 1984. His extensive CMAA service includes twenty years of membership on national committees including those related to Student Development; Information, Research, Statistics, and Publications; Membership Development and Maintenance; Long Range Planning; and Public, Allied and International Relations.

Jim says that his family, staff, and then his personal drive to achieve the ultimate goal (professional designation) in the private club profession prompted him to pursue his Master Club Manager (MCM) designation. The project he undertook coincided with a major event occurring at his club: members were planning the celebration of their club’s 100th anniversary, and his project explored details about the development of a history book for a private club.

Jim indicates that he learned something about himself as a result of completing the MCM: he discovered that, even after many years as a senior club management professional, he could undertake and successfully accomplish a major project that called upon a combination of his experience, creativity, and intellectual capacity. As well, he noted the similarity in the planning, organizing, execution, and evaluation skills required for any significant project. Learning about the acceptance and approval of his MCM monograph brought a sense of satisfaction as has his knowledge that many of his professional peers have used his monograph as their clubs planned their own anniversary activities.

Jim encourages others to consider achieving their MCM because it provides an advanced venue of research specific to the club profession, and project results can help the club industry in a way that more general hospitality industry-specific information often does not.

Those who know Jim will not be surprised by his answer to the question, “Do you have any other general comments of interest to potential MCM candidates?” His answer was simply two words: “Semper Fidelis” (Always Faithful). This phrase describes the philosophy that MCMs have about their clubs, their club members, their professional association, and their club manager peers.