The CMAA Board has approved two items impacting CMAA’s hallmark certification, the Certified Club Manager (CCM) designation.

First, the CMAA Board approved a one-year extension to the Certification Maintenance Requirement (CMR) for those individuals who require it based on hardships related to COVID-19. An extension will be granted for those who qualify at the end of their current maintenance period.

The Board also approved an update to the CMAA competency areas. This change includes a new competency area as well as updates to the current competencies. The expanded competencies are:

  1. Leadership
  2. Interpersonal Skills
  3. Club Governance
  4. Accounting, Finance, and Data Analytics
  5. External Governmental Influences
  6. Human and Professional Resources
  7. Membership and Marketing
  8. Food and Beverage
  9. Golf, Sports, Recreation, and Wellness
  10. Facilities Management
  11. Information Technology

The Professional Development team will introduce the changes in the competency areas into the Business Management Institute curriculum. Once adequately covered in BMI curriculum, the update will be reflected in the CCM exam. Adequate notice will be provided to the membership before that change is implemented.

For questions on these updates, please contact the Professional Development Department.

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