October 2016: Next Generation Club Industry Research

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10.7.16 Data Collection


It is the last month in CMAA's fiscal year and we begin to turn our focus on the year ahead. As part of this process of closing out one year and beginning another fiscal year, we have gone through a staff performance review process. I have been reading articles over the past few years about how some organizations are phasing out annual staff performance reviews for a more continuous review process. While I agree continuous feedback is necessary, I also like the annual review process as it gives an organization, like CMAA, a chance to align people, resources and expectations annually with our strategic plan. I can tell you I am excited about some of our plans for the coming year.

However, change at CMAA doesn't have to wait until next year and I want to share the news about a recent CMAA business decision to better serve you. Hopefully you’ve read about or heard that CMAA has added a research component to our staff team. I believe research and quality information are key to outstanding decision making. I also believe your Association should be a critical source and keeper of that research, as we wear a white hat. Wearing a white hat means we have one purpose and that purpose is to serve you. I believe that when an association focuses on research as one of its competencies, the organization is likely to have a better pulse on trends within the membership. Further, the association can highlight these trends in professional development and other communications for the betterment of the entire membership. 

With this in mind, CMAA is headed in a new direction with our annual club survey and club analytical reports starting in 2017. CMAA has contracted with a new provider to help us deliver richer data to you and work at the sole direction of CMAA without commercial conflicts. CMAA will be the sole owner of the data – confidentiality was a huge focus when selecting and ultimately hiring a new provider. We will begin releasing the Finance and Operations Report annually in the spring of 2017. The Compensation and Benefits Report will move to a biannual process with the next report to be released in the fall of 2018. CMAA members who participate in the survey will continue to receive a complimentary copy of the report, as well as a Club Performance Report which provides an easy means for clubs to compare their results to the overall findings. CMAA has gone through this process before and this is just the next step in upgrading our ability to serve you.

Club Resource Center (CRC) subscribers will continue to receive the 2016 CMAA Finance and Operations and 2016 CMAA Compensation and Benefits reports via the (CRC). Subscribers will continue to receive survey reports as part of their benefits. Additional CRC benefits will be announced in the coming months. We continue to build the center as a collection of dedicated resources for your club outside of your professional membership. The CRC, with one single fee per club, serves all your club staff without regards to CMAA membership.

Many members have shared their concerns regarding giving information to third-party commercial businesses and the cost to access industry data and urged us to develop the next generation solution. We have listened and hope you will join your peers to support this CMAA-owned initiative by participating in the data collection process and by considering a subscription to the Club Resource Center. 

Until next month,

 Jeff Morgan

Posted by Karen Woodie at 10/07/2016 10:21:19 AM