November Blog: Millennial Outlook on Club Membership

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The 2017 US Presidential election is behind us and I am sure the vast majority of us are relieved. More than others in recent memory, this election very sharply pointed out the diversity that we have in the United States. Americans have different interests, different views and see different pathways for happiness and prosperity. Baby Boomers are at a different life stage than Millennials and therefore may have a different view of how the US should evolve. Ultimately these varying views when researched, shared, discussed and considered by our elected officials allow a path to be charted that serves the best interests of America. At least it is supposed to work this way – but you may be thinking: how does this relate to clubs?

Millennial Research Infographic - 200This month, CMAA and The Club Foundation (CF) will release new generational research that will start conversations about how clubs might need to evolve to serve the diverse needs of club members at different life stages and from different generations. Does your club need to evolve to thrive? Have you been evolving on the right path? Are there other areas of club evolution you should be considering? Millennials will have a dramatic effect on the future look, feel and services clubs offer, in the same way Baby Boomers did back in the 1990s. 

So CMAA/CF hired a consumer research company that would give us insight on how different generations perceive clubs and their value proposition, as well as give us clues on how clubs might consider evolving. We hired the Center for Generational Kinetics to do this work. For those who attended the 2016 World Conference, the Center’s CEO, Jason Dorsey, was our featured generational speaker. I am very excited about the resources that will be available to CMAA members beginning this month:

  • November 15: Full release of a white paper and infographic on the millennial research
  • November 16: Member Webinar with Jason Dorsey to review the research findings. If you missed this live, you can watch the replay on CMAA University. After you view it, it may be appropriate to share information from it with your Board or Strategic Planning Committee.
  • Until Mid-December: Jason Dorsey and the team from the Center of Generational Kinetics will be our media spokesperson on the research and help to create some media buzz on club evolution in the public media.

Millennial Research White Paper - 200I am very excited about the conversations this information might generate among your club staff, club committees and club Board. This type of unique research by CMAA and CF increases the value of your membership. I want to recognize our Corporate Alliance Partners for supporting this project, and I hope you thank them too.

If you find this type of research to be helpful and would like to see more, please consider giving to The Club Foundation. Tuesday, November 29th is "Giving Tuesday" – the day after the shopping frenzy of “Cyber Monday.” It is a day that kicks off charitable giving as we head toward the end of the year.

When you count your blessings this month, please remember to make a contribution to The Club Foundation so that we can further our mission to support growth in the club industry through scholarships, education and research. My hope would be that each of you makes a donation to The Club Foundation by year end. No donation is too small. The message you send by personal and/or club contributions to CF helps us to know that projects like generational research on clubs are important. To donate online, please visit

Thanks for your consideration and I hope you have some healthy generational-based conversations at your club

Until next month,

Jeff Morgan

Posted by Karen Woodie at 12/08/2016 10:36:04 AM