January 2017: Wishing You a Gritty New Year!

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1.17.17 - memo boardHappy New Year! Inspiration for this month’s message comes from CMAA’s elevator. The CMAA HQ building has three floors with roughly seven to twelve people on each. With a National staff team of 28 people on multiple floors, it requires some movement if you are going to run into everyone each day. This gets me to this month’s focus. One way CMAA’s staff stays connected, besides the elevator and two stairwells, is a white board in the elevator. This white board starts out clean each day and whoever has an inspiration, writes it on the board for all to see.

Some days it’s a question, like “What book are you currently reading?” or “Today is National Bologna Day” (October 24, if you must know!) or sometimes it is trash talking about our favorite sports teams. From this board, we learn about each other and informally stay connected without attribution of comments to any one individual member – although I must admit that when I learned one long-time staffer was a member of a rock band, I did have to go check out her YouTube videos. Very impressive! So during the holidays, someone asked about New Year’s resolutions.

Honestly, I was pleased to see a list of personal and professional goals and that no one put down the perennial favorite goal of “losing weight.” Goals like being more compassionate, getting more sleep and smiling more were added as personal ones. While professional ones included raising more money for The Club Foundation and doing more for CMAA members. So as we individually set our own goals for 2017, how do we make them last? A one word response sums it up: grit!

Grit is defined by the Merriam Webster dictionary as: mental toughness and courage. While another online dictionary defines grit as: courage, resolve and strength of character. I think you may agree it would be wonderful if we all had more grit? Those New Year’s resolutions would certainly become reality! It just so happens I recently finished a book called Grit by Angela Duckworth. The author states effort is much more valuable than the talent within each of us. Effort leads to skill in whatever we are focused on, with results and ultimately achievement coming over time. 

Reaching our goals in 2017 requires that core element of grit encompassing hard work, courage, self-motivation, resolve and staying focused on achievement. Leveraging our personal grit will allow us to move forward even during the most challenging times as well as toward success at our clubs. So as we begin 2017, my hope for you is that you will add some grit to your life, and that it will carry you far into this year toward personal and professional success!

CMAA has its own year of grit ahead as we are by your side partnering to help you succeed professionally. Best wishes for a great 2017!

Until next month,

Jeff Morgan

Posted by Karen Woodie at 01/20/2017 09:39:20 AM