February 2017: 90 Years Young

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A few weeks ago, my wife Susie and I went to visit her parents in North Carolina for the weekend. As my father-in-law approaches 90, I am impressed by his ability to stay young. He continues to be eager about learning, trying new things and ensuring he is staying up to date. I greatly admire my father-in-law and I hope I have the same mindset when I approach his age. He is 90 years young, as there is nothing old about him!

I feel the same way about CMAA as we begin our 90th year – we are 90 years young! CMAA was formed in 1927 by a group of visionary club managers predominantly in the New England, New York and Chicago areas who wanted to learn from each other and ultimately ensure their clubs would grow and prosper. The Club Managers Association of America (CMAA) was born and as they say, the rest is history. 

In 2016, CMAA took a step forward to ensure we remain 90 years young by approving our 2016-2020 Strategic Plan.  About one-third of CMAA’s membership participated in its development. As we approached the completion of the first year of the plan, I want to pause and give you an update as we ensure CMAA is growing and evolving with a young mindset to serve you.

Those who attended CMAA’s World Conference in Orlando heard my State of the Association address during the Opening Business Session. I told you of our shared journey over my past two and a half years at CMAA and where we are headed in 2017. During World Conference we also held an open session called “Ask CMAA’s Leadership” for any members to ask questions about CMAA or get more information. I am also pleased to point you to some online resources to tell our CMAA story for 2016.  On our website you will find our annual report. I urge you to review it. Those of you that might be interested in CMAA’s financial health can also review our recently completed financial audit. If you have any questions, feel free to e-mail me.

One of the other items I spoke about during my State of the Association Address is our journey forward into club analytics in 2017. At the end of last year after detailed analysis and deliberation, the CMAA Board of Directors decided to end our relationship with our current survey provider to forge a new path. I want to share a bit more about our plans. Going forward CMAA will be funding the collection of industry analytical data using an organization called Industry Insights. This organization has been in existence for 35-plus years and works with more than 200 associations on benchmarking. You will recognize some of their current and former clients – GCSAA, NGCOA and IHRSA, to name a few.

Industry Insights will be collecting data on CMAA’s behalf and will keep it secure, providing CMAA with summary analytical data to provide to CMAA members and provide us with an online portal to compare your club’s results with others. Industry Insights will never contact you directly to sell you additional services or share your information to any service provider in the industry. I am excited about this change and ask you to please support this new CMAA initiative. I want every club to have access to analytical information from the largest to the smallest. It starts with creating the most robust club analytical database possible by providing your financial and operational data in the coming weeks.

At CMAA, Industry Insights efforts will be accessible to you via our Club Resource Center (CRC) subscription area that gives you a plethora of club resources, including online staff training, white papers, operational resources, etc. Participating clubs will receive a complimentary copy of the report including a static Club Performance Report, which is an individually customized report of a participants own financial and operational statistics shown alongside appropriate industry benchmarking comparatives. CRC subscribers will receive an interactive version of this report online.  

CMAA’s use of Industry Insights sets the club industry up for leveraging the insights and resources of other industries. It also sets us up for future expansion, from entry to reporting, using Industry Insights vast resources. I am so excited about this change and the benefit that it will ultimately provide CMAA members. Members own CMAA and members should own their industry’s data too. This 2017 CMAA initiative will make that a reality.

Until next month,

Jeff Morgan

Posted by Karen Woodie at 02/13/2017 01:10:06 PM