March 2017: What’s In a Name?

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03.21.17 Understanding

In last month’s blog, I wrote about CMAA being 90 years young as we focus on the future of club management ensuring members are served with energy, enthusiasm and foresight. Did you know that the original name of the Association in 1927 was the National Association of Club Managers? It didn’t take long for that name to change to the Club Managers Association of America or more fondly CMAA. Our name has been with us ever since, but is it the right name for 2020 and beyond?  

When I came on board two and half years ago, there were several things at CMAA that made me wonder, “Why is it that way at CMAA?” As any new CEO would, I asked questions and then quickly learned why. Some things were logical and made sense; other things seemed ripe for change as the reasons no longer appeared to be relevant for how CMAA had evolved over the years.

As you can imagine, some of those things were within the staff’s control and were changed as part of CMAA’s evolution, just as you would do as a new manager at a club. Other items were discussed and included as part of our 2016-2020 Strategic Plan. For me, one of the items that seems outdated is our Association’s name. Hear me out, please, before you call for my dismissal! I believe our name should be the Club Management Association of America and here is why:

  1. The new name, replacing “manager” with “management” better represents our membership as a cross-section of positions focusing on serving our clubs through excellence in club management.
  2. The focus of CMAA is the overall management of clubs and helping our club management professionals. Changing the name positions CMAA to have stronger value to clubs and their boards versus solely the needs of the manager who may be seen as a transient position at the club.
  3. While club manager is a generic industry term, we want our club managers to be seen as professionals and executives with our club boards with progressive titles and responsibilities of CEO, COO and General Manager. Changing our Association’s name acknowledges this progress.

So, in my opinion, CMAA – as the acronym – remains! However, the small nuance of changing our Association’s name could have a significant impact as your organization moves forward to serve you in the best manner possible. This matter will be discussed by CMAA’s Strategic Planning Committee and then by the National Board before it would be voted on by the membership. If you have a thought on the matter, please e-mail so I can share your comments with the Committee when they meet in May.

Before I end this month, I want to ask you if you have begun to enter your financial and operations data into CMAA’s annual survey process through Industry Insights. Last month I shared that going forward, CMAA will be funding the collection of industry analytical data using an organization called Industry Insights. This organization has been in existence for 35-plus years and works with more than 200 associations on benchmarking.

Industry Insights will be collecting data on CMAA’s behalf and will keep it secure, providing CMAA with summary analytical data to provide to CMAA members. Participating clubs will receive a complimentary copy of the report including a static Club Performance Report, which is an individually customized report of a participant’s own financial and operational statistics shown alongside appropriate industry comparatives.  Industry Insights will never contact you directly to sell you additional services or share your information to any service provider in the industry. I want CMAA to have the most robust club analytical database possible and if you add your financial and operational data, we are one step closer.

At CMAA, further Industry Insights efforts will be accessible to you via our Club Resource Center (CRC) subscription area that gives you a plethora of club resources, including online staff training, white papers, operational resources, etc. Participating CRC subscribers will also receive an interactive, online portal to compare your club’s results with others.  

Members own CMAA and members should own their industry’s data too. This 2017 CMAA initiative will make that a reality!

Until next month,

Jeff Morgan

Posted by Karen Woodie at 03/22/2017 09:10:24 AM