CMAA Announces Upcoming Technology Enhancements to Online Member Directory

For many years, CMAA has provided association members with an email alias ( Since its inception, this has been a tool for the CMAA community to remain connected but we have found that advertising the address has waned in recent years; while convenient for directing messages to other individuals, adoption of the address is no longer popular. CMAA is putting new solutions in place and has reviewed current association best practices for keeping members connected. Due to the change in technology and association practice, the use of email aliases will be discontinued on June 1, 2018.

CMAA has introduced the first step toward streamlining and facilitating communications by adding a contact tool within the CMAA Member Directory. Next to each name you'll now find the "Contact This Person" (CTP) form. This allows you to send a message to CMAA members without having to open your own mail client. Your message will be sent to the selected individual along with your contact information. The recipient will have the option of responding to you directly or by using the same CTP functionality within the member directory. The Contact This Person functionality will become the primary means of contacting other CMAA members (replacing mail aliasing) on June 1.

Mail aliasing debuted before the advent of free mail providers offering full-fledged mail accounts with much greater functionality. Services offered by the likes of gmail,, and yahoo diminish the value in mail aliasing (while also offering automatic mail forwarding which you can change at any time.) Conversely, new tools have been developed which offer new value in online communities and which give individuals greater control over the type and amount of content they can opt into. Over the last year, CMAA has been taking strides to modernize its technology solutions and this will translate in greater value to CMAA members. The first step is streamlining individual to individual communications as described above. Stay in touch through the balance of 2018 for additional announcements on how our new technology platform will positively impact your CMAA membership. 

For questions or more information, please contact Chris Velo, Senior Vice President, Technology & Infrastructure, via email or 703-739-9500.