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January 2020 


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Icon - CD Lightbulb 2Idea Fair for Chapters: Congratulations to the Golden State Chapter

Congratulations to the Golden State Chapter who won first place in the 2019 Idea Fair for Chapters for their idea in the “Education” category. Read about how they telecasted an education session and business meeting to three separate locations.


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Click on the above image to review the YTD New Member totals for each chapter. 

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Featured Strategy: ClubCareers at the World Conference and Club Business Expo
The CMAA ClubCareers Services Center, available to all World Conference and Club Business Expo attendees, provides the opportunity to gain valuable job search and employee placement assistance on-site and free-of-charge. There will be complimentary programs and services that include: 

• Job Boards: The CMAA Career Services Center features job boards listing current, vacant positions. All levels of positions will be posted, from General Manager/COO to internships. Managers, club boards, search committees, and search firms can submit listings that will be posted in Grapevine*, free of charge, for all Conference attendees to view. Whether you are actively looking for employment or just keeping an eye on industry trends, make sure you bring extra copies of your résumé to Conference.

*You may email the jobs to Karen Woodie or bring them with you to Grapevine.

• Coaching Sessions: This effective way to learn and make significant changes to attitudes, beliefs, and behaviors will be available via coaching sessions. These sessions will be helpful for those who are interested in adopting coaching into their management style or those experiencing a difficult or transitional time. These 45-minute complimentary sessions can be scheduled online before or during Conference and are available on a first-come, first-served basis.

• Career Opportunity Showcase: Are you looking to fill internship and entry level positions at your club? Join us at the Career Opportunities and Mentoring Showcase. Managers interested in participating may sign up for no cost and earn one Association Activity credit. Complete the participation form to confirm your participation.

 Chapter Management Resources

All Officers:
 If you have not already done so, please submit your 2020 Chapter Officers/Chairman Report.

Managing Directors: Thank you for following up with members who have yet to renew their 2020 national memberships. Those who did not renew were dropped from the National Roster. Please let lapsed members know that they can contact National to receive their outstanding dues invoice and reinstate their memberships. 

Career Services Chairman: New Year... New You. If you need a new version of the professional you in the form of a résumé, contact Erin Kennedy with Professional Résumé Services for a free 30-minute consultation. When you and Erin decide which résumé package is best fit, you will be paired with a writer. Make 2020 the year you invest in yourself!

The Club Foundation Liaison: Check Off Your List Before World Conference

Buy your tickets to Awards Breakfast with Featured Speaker Lt. Col. Dan Rooney of Folds of Honor. Tickets may be purchased online.

Donate a pair of boots, a bottle of bourbon, or a piece of bling to The Club Foundation Auction at World Conference. It’s not too late. For more information, please contact Carrie Wosicki

Sign up for the Run for FUNds and help The Club Foundation raise money for the scholarships and grants program. Register online

Communications Chairman: The 2019 Economic Impact Report was released to the greater public in December and provides vital information on how clubs contribute to the economy. The report finds that revenue for CMAA clubs have reached nearly $21 billion and a total direct economic impact of $24 billion. 

This report also focuses on how CMAA clubs give back. More than three-fourths of CMAA clubs support charities at the local, national, and/or global level. It is estimated that fundraising events held by CMAA clubs in 2018 raised more than $170 million for charities. On average, more than 80 percent of these funds went directly towards charities in the clubs' local communities.

Clubs are significant contributors to their communities as employers and charitable engines. Use the infographic and statistics when interacting with local media or the general public about your Chapter and area clubs. Access the complete report and all resources at

 Legislative Chairman: At the end of December, Congress passed spending legislation for Fiscal Year 2020. The measure includes the same language the previous three years of appropriation measures including the language that gives the Department of Homeland Security the discretion to release additional H-2B visas and the regulatory provisions that have been in force for the last few years. This action could make as many as 60,000 additional visas available for FY2020. Read more in the Legislative Report.

Membership Chairman: Let’s start the 2020 recruitment year off right! All new and rejoining members pay $500 for their first year of national dues. The dues structure along with other useful information can be found at

Professional Development Chairman: Credits for chapter officer positions for the 2019 membership year posted to members’ credit histories on December 31, 2019. Please let your chapter officers know that their credits have been posted. Please contact David McCabe if you have any questions. 

Research: CMAA released the  2019 Economic Impact  in December. Read the report and see how your region compares to other regions and the industry at large.

Student Chapter Liaison: Each year, nearly 300 hospitality students mix and mingle with the club industry’s movers and shakers at CMAA’s World Conference. This year will be no exception, which is why we are excited to highlight several opportunities to connect managers with the next generation of club industry leaders.

 • Conference Mentorship Initiative — This mentorship opportunity is meant to fit within the time spent at World Conference and should give students a chance to connect with a specific manager. Manager/student groups will be assigned before arriving in Grapevine, giving the mentor time to introduce themselves, exchange contact information, and share their schedule for the Conference week so that they may find time to connect with their student counterparts throughout the week. Sign up before February 3 to participate!

 • Mentor Lunch — Previously called the Student Mentor Workshop/Lunch, we’ve broken this traditional three-hour session into three sessions – two, 60-minute education sessions and a lunch. During the lunch, managers will have the opportunity to serve as mentors, joining the students for food and fellowship. Interested managers can sign up online to participate. This is a great way to connect with students if you don’t have the time to mentor throughout the week.

 • Career Opportunity and Mentoring Showcase — This job fair and networking forum is the place where students and managers can gather together to discuss employment and internship opportunities as well as network and discuss goals and mentorship. Managers can sign up for this event ahead of time or just show up to participate. Additionally, this year we have a paid option for managers wanting to reserve a guaranteed table space at the Showcase. Sign up to participate.

Any questions about the mentoring opportunities available at World Conference can be directed to Christina Krueger.

Wine Society Liaison: See These Last-Minute Reminders for World Conference

 • Tickets are still available for the Annual Wine Dinner and ticket purchases are open to all Conference attendees.

 • Chapter Representatives — keep an eye out in your email for an invitation to a Meet & Greet with the Wine Society Board on Tuesday, February 11, 11:30 a.m. – 12:30 p.m., location TBD.

  Chapter Spotlight:     

Icon - CD CheckmarkWe want to hear what your Chapter is doing! Recently hold a fundraiser? Exciting event? Share your Chapter good news via email to and you could be featured in an upcoming edition!