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February 2020 


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Icon - CD Lightbulb 2Idea Fair for Chapters: Congratulations to the Evergreen Chapter Chapter 

The Evergreen Chapter won first place in the 2019 Idea Fair for Chapters for their idea they entered in the “Membership Engagement” category. Click here to learn more about how they introduce their new chapter members to their current members and accelerate the community building process.


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Click on the above image to review the YTD New Member totals for each chapter. 
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Featured Strategy: Chapter of the Year Winners Announced at Conference
Outstanding chapters were honored at CMAA’s 2020 World Conference on Club Management in Grapevine, TX. The Chapter of the Year award competition recognizes outstanding work, participation, and accomplishments by CMAA Chapters. The Chapter of the Year and the Award for Excellence in Education programs were combined this year to create this new Chapter of the Year Award Program. Many chapters worked hard to fill the top spots, a fact that was reflected in the extremely close races in each of the chapter size categories. Top honors went to:

Small Chapters:

First Place: Nebraska Chapter
Second Place: Arkansas Razorback Chapter

Medium Chapters:

First Place: Wisconsin Badger Chapter
Second Place: City of New York Chapter
Third Place: Virginias Chapter

Large Chapters:

First Place: Florida Chapter
Second Place: Carolinas Chapter
Third Place: New Jersey Chapter

Congratulations to these chapters on this time-honored achievement. To reward the winning chapters’ efforts, each first-place chapter is eligible to receive a $3,000 Education Grant, second-place chapters are eligible to receive $2,000 Education Grant, and third-place chapters are eligible to receive a $1,000 Education Grant, all sponsored by The Club Foundation.

Impressive accomplishments were abundant – all CMAA members should be proud of the level of excellence that exists within the Association’s chapter system. Thank you to Chapter of the Year Chairman Kelley Williams, CCM, and the panel of judges: Jason Asbra; Lisa Culbreath, CCM; Heba Elshinawy, CCM; and Jade Kiosse, CCM

Chapter Management Resources

All Officers:
 Please save the date for the 2020 Leadership/Legislative Conference to be held September 13-15, in Washington, DC! We hope to see you all there!

Managing Directors: It’s not too late to reinstate! Members who were dropped for non-payment of their 2020 national dues simply need to submit a payment and they will automatically be reinstated. If they need a copy of their dues invoice, please have them fill out this form:

Career Services Chairman: Be sure to share with your chapter that any and all available club job openings, from internships to General Manager/CEO, can be listed on one of CMAA's job Boards. Two of the boards are free to use - Internships and Entry-Level Job Opportunities. Clubs can list as many jobs and as often as needed. The Mid-Management Job Opportunities (MMCO) and Management Openings List (MOL) have associated fees and are used by clubs and search firms alike.

The Club Foundation Liaison: The Club Foundation is pleased to announce the 2020 Willmoore H. Kendall Scholars: 

• Elizabeth Barry, Bronxville Field Club, Bronxville, NY
• Brendan P. Clark, Yeamans Hall Club, Charleston, SC
• Passion Graham, Desert Mountain Club, Scottsdale, AZ
• Danielle Humphreys, Oak Hill Country Club, Rochester, NY
• David Peron, Green Tree Country Club, Midland, TX
• Ellie Peterson, Belle Meade Country Club, Nashville, TN
• Rebecca Ross, Forsyth Country Club, Winston-Salem, NC
• James Shumate, The Riviera Country Club, Pacific Palisades, CA
• Lindsey Warren, Biltmore Forest Country Club, Asheville, NC                                

The Willmoore H. Kendall Scholarship was established in memory of Club Management Association of America 1998 President Willmoore "Bill" Kendall, CCM. The scholarship provides support to mid-management professionals who are interested in pursuing their Certified Club Manager (CCM) designation, the internationally recognized and widely respected mark of professionalism in club management. 

Recipients of this valuable scholarship receive support with the costs associated with attending the required curriculum including CMAA's Business Management Institutes (BMI), the Certification Review Course, and other CCM associated fees.

For more information, please visit

Communications Chairman: All current CMAA members are eligible to use CMAA’s logo to denote their membership. Any member of the Association in good standing may use the phrase “member of CMAA” or use any logo, emblem, insignia, or phrase indicative of membership as approved by the Board of Directors. Please note the use of the CMAA logo for commercial purposes is strictly prohibited. Visit to download the logo and add it to your business card or email signature.

Legislative Chairman: As employers and safe workplaces, clubs are responsible for meeting annual recordkeeping obligations to OSHA. All employers must display their OSHA Form 300A from February 1 to April 30 each year pursuant to the annual recordkeeping requirement. Further, employers with 250 or more employees, must annually submit this information electronically. The next deadline is March 3. Read more on these important compliance issues in the Legislative Report.

Membership Chairman: Does your chapter have a specific strategy to engage new members? If so, are you using it? If not, think about developing and implementing one. A positive first impression is critical when it comes to retention; show new members all the wonderful things your chapter has to offer them! 

Professional Development Chairman: Conference may be over, but it is already time to start planning the 2021 World Conference. In a few weeks, information on how to submit a proposal for Conference will be sent to speaker candidates. If you have any new speakers that you would like to suggest for consideration to speak at Conference. Please email their contact information to David McCabe

Research: After reviewing data collection methods for the Finance and Operations Report, we are happy to introduce our brand-new Data Mapping Initiative. This Data Mapping Initiative will involve CMAA, GGA Partners, and Industry Insights working together. Engaging GGA Partners and its analytics team, in collaboration with Industry Insights, will leverage the company's expertise to map club Chart of Accounts to CMAA's standard account structure, while remaining blind to individual club financial data. These efforts will reduce the time requirement for clubs participating in the CMAA finance and operations research while maintaining the confidentiality of each club.

This initiative will be key for all chapters as CMAA facilitates the survey collection process so please pass this information on to your local chapter. This is the first step that CMAA will take to maximize the effectiveness and availability of industry data and research. Learn more on CMAA’s plans to continue the development and enhancement of its Club Finance & Operations database and further its annual research efforts.

CMAA will be reaching out to each chapter as we approach the March 2020 release date of the Finance and Operations Survey. The more data that is collected at the chapter level, the more valuable the report will be to each club within your chapter. We are excited about this new initiative and look forward to the participation of each chapter!

Student Chapter Liaison: 
Student Chapter of the Year Winners Recognized at World Conference
Three outstanding student chapters were honored at CMAA’s 2020 World Conference. One chapter in each size category was able to earn the title of 2019 Chapter of the Year! The winners for each category are:

• Small: Ohio University Student Chapter 
• Medium: Niagara University Student Chapter 
• Large: University of Wisconsin-Stout Student Chapter

To reward the winning chapters’ efforts, each receives a $1,000 Education Grant sponsored by The Club Foundation. Congratulations to each student chapter for their hard work! 

Student Chapter Idea Fair Winners:
At World Conference, our student chapters had the opportunity to come together as a chapter and submit entries for our Student Chapter Idea Fair. There were five categories: Education, Student Chapter Outreach, New Membership Programs, Senior/Student Chapter Relations, and World & Student Conference Planning. This year, Johnson and Wales – Charlotte went above and beyond and won the title for each category! Congratulations Johnson and Wales – Charlotte! Exceptional job!

Wine Society Liaison: A big Thank You to the following Chapters for donating more than $84,000 (wholesale value) worth of wine to the CMAA Wine Society Live and Silent Auctions! The success of these auctions could not be possible without support from our Chapters:

Alabama   Metropolitan
Arkansas Razorback   National Capital
Carolinas   Nebraska
Central Pennsylvania   New Jersey
City of New York   New York State
Connecticut         Philadelphia & Vicinity
Florida   Pittsburgh
Georgia   St. Louis District
Golden State   Tennessee Volunteer
Greater Cleveland   Upper Midwest
Greater Michigan   Wisconsin Badger

Icon - CD CheckmarkChapter Spotlight: Greater Chicago Chapter Gift Will Help Expand Center for Employment

Whether it is a renovation at the Center for Employment & Business Opportunities, a donation to support an ambitious expansion into DuPage County or a Little City job seeker finally landing community employment – the Little City Project has been making life-changing differences for years.

The Little City Project is unlike any support program in the organization’s history. It is not a Little City led project as the name may imply, but a widescale campaign of giving and support by the Chicago Club Managers Foundation.

The Chicago Club Managers Foundation is the philanthropic arm of the Greater Chicago Club Managers Association – which represents over 112 private city, yacht, athletic, riding, dining, golf and country clubs in the Chicagoland area. The Foundation’s Board of Directors, charged with engaging and giving back to the greater community, chose the unique approach of supporting a single community agency to the strongest level possible and that agency was Little City.

Read more about the Greater Chicago Chapter’s involvement with Little City. 

We want to hear what your Chapter is doing! Recently hold a fundraiser? Exciting event? Share your Chapter good news via email to and you could be featured in an upcoming edition!