Golf Environment Organization

The Club Managers Association of America is committed to supporting our members in driving forward their environmental performance.

This is in the belief that environmental issues are directly connected to individual professionalism; business performance; quality of product; profile and market positioning; and thus profit.

To support this effort the CMAA has initiated a strategic and practical partnership with the Golf Environment Organization  (GEO) an international non-profit organization, widely recognized as the leading authority on sustainable golf. 

We believe that it is in their personal and commercial interests that club managers ensure their businesses are unequivocally valued as social, economic and environmental assets.

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Benefits that can be accrued include savings in unnecessary expenditures through the efficient use of resources, improvements in the landscape quality and ecological richness of land holdings, and elevated status and prestige by acting as sustainability advocates, leaders and catalysts within communities.

Achievements derived through the teamwork of decision makers in clubs can fuel potent messages to existing members and new prospects, and meet environmental performance expectations of your customers, sponsors, local government and suppliers.

The CMAA and GEO are partnering in the following areas:


The CMAA endorses GEO Certification as the most streamlined, credible and productive approach to getting your club nationally and internationally recognized as a sustainable golf environment.  

GEO Certification is achievable and relevant, with criteria and guidance available in a simple, effective online tool approved by scientists and practitioners around the world.

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To learn more about the process, benefits and rewards of GEO Certification, please visit the GEO Web site and take the simple and completely free initial steps to put your club ON COURSE™ for international environmental recognition.

GEO Certification fully accommodates the achievements of the Audubon Cooperative Sanctuary Program and encourages existing environmental leaders to enhance their profile and credibility through GEO Certification, the world’s hallmark for sustainable golf.


The CMAA has increased its focus on environmental education, again in the belief that this is beneficial to its members and leaders.

We will be bringing forward more environmentally focused webinars, regional workshops, conference keynotes and full day conferences.

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We will also be exploring the potential for five-day residential courses and distance learning.

All programs will be delivered and tutored with the very best expertise, from the world’s leading environmental educators, with all content approved by the Golf Environment Organization.

In between education events, information and resources on environmental issues and solutions can be found at the following prominent Web sites:

 The Golf Environment Organization
 The Environmental Institute For Golf
 Audubon International


The CMAA will be delighted to promote our members achievements and professionalism in this field - with pride and confidence.  We will spotlight leadership by individuals and clubs and we will utilize this credible action as we ensure the public and government are aware of the part club management is playing in societies efforts to live, work and play more sustainably.


GEO programs and tools are continually evaluated and improved to deliver the greatest real-world benefits to practitioners. CMAA members are invited to contact GEO  at any time with your thoughts or suggestions.