Club Disaster Preparedness


CMAA established this site as a central location for club managers, employees and members to use as means of communicating with one another in the event an emergency or disaster affects your club/community following the disastrous effects of Hurricane Katrina on the Gulf Coast in 2005. We encourage clubs to implement the usage of this site into their disaster/emergency plans and alert their members and employees that this site is dedicated to imparting information should a crisis occur.

Fires. Tornados. Hurricanes. Floods. Rolling electrical blackouts. Earthquakes. Landslides. Wild fires. Foodborne illness outbreaks. Mud slides. Certainly the club industry is not immune to these issues. Are you prepared to handle a crisis if and when one should arise? Are your employees prepared to act professionally and efficiently during a crisis?

Hopefully, you will never encounter a crisis, but the best way to counteract and overcome one is with an effective crisis management plan and emergency preparedness. CMAA has assembled these resources to assist you in effectively handling a crisis at your club facility.

Protect yourself, your employees, the club and its members by having a plan in place to encounter any crisis that might occur. Don’t just react to a problem … prepare for the unexpected!

Prepare for the Unexpected coverUse the e-mail to offer assistance and/or to continue to submit announcements, messages, updates and information.

CMAA will continue to add links to this site that will be useful in times of crisis.


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Golfer Dies as Result of Lightning Strike on 18th Hole. Review this case study to find out how your club can take action to protect your members.

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Excerpts from Premier Club Services' Prepare for the Unexpected: A Club Guide to Effective Crisis Management:

Sample Emergency Procedures
Managing After a Disaster