CMAA Coaching Program

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The CMAA Coaching Program
One of the many resources available to CMAA members is part of the coaching program that was introduced in September of 2003. Each member of CMAA is eligible for one to three, one on one coaching sessions at no charge. Coaching sessions are a great tool for managers to use in challenging times and at the best of times.
The role of the coach is to support you in reaching your goals. The services are typically used by the type of person that is focused on continuous improvement and may be seen to be at the top of their game. Some may only become aware of the service when things are not going well. Many people discover the service when they are going through a career transition or a challenging time professionally or personally.
Regardless of why the person decides to take advantage of a coaching session here are some of the benefits.

  • You will be able to talk to someone in confidence about what you are experiencing.
  • You have a chance to gain new perspective.
  • You will be listened to like you may have never been listened to before.
  • You will be listened to like you may have never been listened to before.
  • You will gain energy and creativity.
  • You will be challenged to see things differently.
  • You will gain skills that will help you coach your people.
  • You will have someone to brainstorm with.
  • You will be challenged to be accountable for your success.
  • You will have a better understanding of what gets in the way of reaching your goals quicker.
  • You will be putting one more person on your team that can give you clarity. 

Hundreds of CMAA members have used the coaching services over the past few years. Please try it to see how they can support you. For more information please check out the CMAA website or contact Kevin MacDonald at or 1-604-507-1288.