Clubs That Care: Greater Southwest Chapter Cleans Up Scottsdale


Gr Southwest Chap - Clean Up Scottsdale Oct 10 

The Greater Southwest Chapter took a step toward cleaning up the city of Scottsdale, AZ, by participating in the city’s "Adopt a Road" program. As a part of the program, the chapter agreed to adopt a section of a busy roadside and keep it free of litter.

By volunteering to participate in this program, the Greater Southwest Chapter has agreed to adopt a two mile section of 100th Street for two years and perform clean ups there three to four times each year. In return, the city provides safety training and equipment to be used during cleanings.

With their efforts, the chapter is investing in a cleaner environment for Arizona, and acting as a model of citizenship in the community. Also, by volunteering to clean, the state and city save money usually allocated to keep public areas clean. From a CMAA perspective, the major benefit is road signage that receives thousands of visual impressions each day.

The idea for this service project was initiated by the Northern Arizona University Student Chapter, which has been involved in the "Adopt a Highway" program in Flagstaff, AZ, for the past five years. The success experienced by the student chapter was a major influence in the decision for the chapter to join the program.

CMAA commends the Greatest Southwest Chapter and the Northern Arizona University Student Chapter for their efforts in giving back to and cleaning up the community.