The Westmoor Club Builds H4H House


June 3, 2011 – The Westmoor Club, a premier private club in Nantucket, has supported Habitat for Humanity’s latest home development project. The Westmoor Club’s staff volunteered to help build a home for the charity on May 13, 2011. The club team spent the day moving and installing flooring, furniture and more during their time at the Habitat house. The club’s goal was not only to provide united support for the charity but to assist local community development as well. CMAA was able gain a few insights from general manager J. Brent Tartamella, CCM, CCE, about the experience. 

CMAA: What gave you the idea to participate in a community service project?  

Westmoor Club H4H 1Tartamella: CMAA nationally supports Habitat for Humanity and the New England chapter supports it as well. Bill Roman, of Edgartown Yacht Club, hosted a Habitat for Humanity program in Martha’s Vineyard some time back and a few years ago, Habitat for Humanity came to Nantucket and I thought, ‘how can the clubs of Nantucket help support this great charity on a local and regional level.’ It’s a great cause and I wanted to get involved. We’d been reaching out for a few years and that’s where it all started. 

CMAA: Why did you choose Habitat for Humanity? How did this project affect you and your staff?  

Tartamella: CMAA supports Habitat for Humanity and we wanted to help make it more united on the local, regional and national levels. On Nantucket, the environment is expensive and normal jobs may not pay enough. Poverty level is $40,000 here and the current economy has affected everybody, even staff. We really wanted to support the local community and good housing is can really affect your life. It greatly affected the staff. After doing the program, some staff members thought it was fantastic and are looking into applying for it. You work in the same place with your coworkers and going out there and doing something different lets you see them differently. It was a great team building exercise. 

CMAA: As a club manager, how do you view community service and charitable acts?  

Tartamella: We are all part of the community, and the club is a type of social hub. Especially in an isolated community like Nantucket you realize how important that community is. Nantucket is a highly season community where members come and go. There is a tight-knit group of staff and locals who stay here. The Westmoor Club supports more than 40 non-profits with time and talent. There’s a lot we do to help them in daily functions, important event, board meetings etc. We believe [charity] is what we’re supposed to do as a community, as staff and as a club.  

CMAA: What drew you to the club management profession?  

Tartamella: I was fortunate to be introduced to some great CMAA members in college, Kirk Reese, CCM,  of the Los Angeles Country Club and David Chag, CCM, of The Country Club and went to some great clubs. They gave me a really good foundation. I love everything about clubs and the multi-faceted profession that is club management.  

CMAA: Would you like to say anything about The Westmoor Club?  

Tartamella: We’re going to continue to embrace the community and always look to have a positive affect on we are. We’re going to lead by example. If a club actively supports non-profits and charities then it’s the model for both staff and members. Our goal is to leave our community a better place than we found it. 

Westmoor Club H4H 2