About the Wine Society


History of the Wine Society

The CMAA International Wine Society was born from an idea of Bob Fudge. Bob is no longer in the club management industry, but his contribution is a lasting one. In 1986, he contacted W.R. "Red" Steger, CCM, and Warren Arseneaux, CCM, with his idea of creating a CMAA Chapter of Les Amis de Vins. While trying to bring this idea to fruition, it became increasingly apparent that Les Amis de Vins lacked the enthusiasm or time to develop another chapter with CMAA. Consequently, Red and Warren decided to take this idea to CMAA’s 1987 Las Vegas Conference and present it to a small but mighty group of wine enthusiasts – past presidents, former board members and fellow members from the Texas Lone Star Chapter. It was there that the concept of the CMAA International Wine Society was developed.

Board of Managers

View this year’s listing of volunteer leadership for the International Wine Society.

The Grapevine

A quarterly publication for members and friends of the Wine Society that provides recaps of recent events, announces new events and provides education trends.

Wine Society Yearbook

The International Wine Society Yearbook is a helpful source of information in seeking out fellow Society members, tracking major activities for the year and reviewing governing documents.

Friends of the Wine Society

Created in 2012, this program recognizes those in the wine industry who have been supporters of the Wine Society on either a local (i.e. involvement with a chapter or individual club) or national level (i.e. participation at IWS events during World Conference). Without their support, the Wine Society would not be able to offer the extensive programs and membership benefits we all currently enjoy.

Longevity Program

The continued active participation of each Society member is the key to IWS’s future. The IWS Board of Managers established a Longevity Program in 2012 to show its appreciation for the ongoing commitment of the men and women who have been members of the Society for 10, 15, or 20 years. The Society would also like to recognize those members who are Charter Members from when it was founded in 1988.