Eleven New Certified Club Managers Recognized in China



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Eleven New Certified Club Managers Recognized in China


Melissa Low

Alexandria, VA – On behalf of BMI China, the Club Managers Association of America (CMAA) announces that 11 club management professionals have attained the designation of Certified Club Manager in Dalian, China. The CCM designation indicates that a club management professional has completed a rigorous course of study and training and shows a dedication to proficiency and expertise in club management.

The CCM designation was established in 1965 and since then has been the hallmark of professionalism in club management globally. It is a valuable, internationally recognized and widely-respected mark of a manager’s commitment to professional development and the club industry. In order to receive the CCM designation, one must invest time in specified education requirements and attend at least one World Conference on Club Management. After these conditions have been met, the individual must pass the CCM Exam. Attainment of the CCM title shows a long-term commitment to professional development and club management.

Since 2007, CMAA's education program, BMI China launched with partnership Sun Yat Sen University Tourism School and has produced a total of 22 CCMs. On September 16, at the Dalian Red Flag Valley Golf Club, eleven managers were recognized for successfully completion of all CCM requirements:


●         LUK Kim Wah, Jimmy, CCM, The Canton Club & Canton International House, Guangdong, China

●         SHAO Yingying, Susan, CCM, Foshan Fox Valley Golf Club, Guangdong, China

●         LI Wei, CCM, Caesars Golf, Macau

●         WU Lichun, CCM, Agile Colf & Country Club, Guangdong, China

●         HE Kunpeng, Sophie, CCM, Guangzhou Nansha Golf Club, Guangdong, China

●         MA Xiaojuan, Monica, CCM, Mayland International Country Club, Guangdong, China

●         HUA Ying, Ingrid, CCM, Suzhou Tuspark, Jiangsu, China

●         SO Siu Kwan, Chris, CCM, Teamfirst Management Ltd, Hong Kong

●         ZHANG Yuqi, Tina, CCM, Nanning Guomin County Bank, Guangxi, China

●         HE Huiying, Rain, CCM, Foshan Golf Club, Guangdong, China

●         ZHENG Chuandi, Elena, CCM, Sanya Luhuitou Golf Club, Hainan, China


About CMAA and BMI China

The Club Managers Association of America (CMAA) is the largest professional association for managers of membership clubs with 6,700 members throughout the US and internationally. Our managers operate more than 2,500 country, golf, athletic, city, faculty, military, town and yacht clubs. The objectives of the association are to promote relationships between club management professionals and other similar professions; to encourage the education and advancement of members; and to provide the resources needed for club managers to operate efficiently and successfully. CMAA is headquartered in Alexandria, VA, with 44 professional chapters and more than 45 student chapters and colonies. Learn more at www.cmaa.org.

The BMI China is an overseas BMI program, authorized by the CMAA, established in China since 2007 to provide the opportunity to managers in China for enhancing their professional performance, and also one of the few BMI programs endorsed outside America.

The BMI program is designed with similar structure and contents to CMAA-BMI courses in America, and the lecturers are all sent and approved by the CMAA and Dr. Aylwin Tai, CCM. Managers who complete the required credits can obtain the honorable title of Certified Club Manager (CCM) after passing the examination.